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cryogenics and engie then do a microblue process to a 2 stroke and you would have the light weight of the newer polaris or skidoo body, pass epa with flying colors and room to spare, 200-1 premix ratio so oil cost is nothing. wear on an engine would be unmeasurable. basically you would buy rollers from the factory because the engine would outlast the next 4 body's.

i bounce back and forth if i could get a sled what would i get, fst switchback style sled or shift switch back. the 4 stroke is 2 grand more but has some other features like better shocks and track that would narrow the cost margin.

for me that i would mostly do easy trail or ditch riding along with playing off trail.

100 lbs lighter
cheaper initial investment
similar mpg
electric start and upgraded tracks, shocks would narrow cost difference.
perc reverse
100 lbs lighter
easier to toss around in the off trail

4 stroke, no smell so i could keep my cloths in the house.
standard electric start
great power curve and more hp than the 600.
mechanical reverse and a turbo 4 stroke that will need maintenance at some point.
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