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battle storm and i go back and forth. skidoo renegade or polaris switchback not the shift.

pretty apples to apple comparison, ski doo is a little lighter and better mpg's than the polaris with possibly less oil

buuuuuttt. then i would have to learn ski doo suspensions and clutching. somewhat familiar with the tra on making adjustments, but picking the parts would all be new.

with farming its pick a dealer that has good support and close buy.

the polaris dealer than i would really trust is 2 hours away. the ski doo dealer is 20 minutes and my high school buddy is one of the shop managers.
the polaris dealer that is 20 minutes away is a decent store. but any service work you drop a sled off, then they take it to there other dealer. took 2 weeks for a shock to get serviced. hate to see how long it would take a recall or update?
but on the other hand other than warrenty work on either sled i would be doing what i can at home.
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