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Default Where does flip-flopping get you?

For Slanteye anyways it gets you out of snow like this......

Well I guess I failed, the internet isn't fast enough to upload any damn pictures lol. Slanteye's phone should be blown up with pictures anyways lol. It's been snowing since we got here (ten mile inn) and we've probably got a foot of snow here at the lodge since arrival. I'd guess 3' fresh snow up top, may be the deepest powder that I've ever ridden in. Stucks are plentyful, air is not lol. We are told its going to stop snowing tonight so it should be clear tomorrow, but we were told that yesterday too and its still snowing. Not bitching but flat light and hard snow with cold is a bitch riding and keeping goggles clear. Mitch and I are representing SN here in the Snowies since Slanteyes pussy got wet and wouldn't come with us.

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Nobody on this site likes Ski Doo except Dirty Harry, and he's better at making babies than buying or fixing sleds, so you don't want to listen to him.
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