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Started the year off on the wrong foot but I survived the weekend. New owners started the season nearly three weeks early. I had no time to prep the bike, and only started it for the first time on Wednesday due to the stupidly cold temps we've been experiencing. Rode practice with nearly flat tires, running on three hours of sleep. After 10 years I'm kinda feeling like I'm getting too old to hang on to the bike. Got the holeshot every race! I won both women's motos, and went 1 and 3 (2nd overall) in 450C.

Today, I was stupidly sore. I could barely hang on. There was an epic battle for first in women's open between just me and one other rider. She led for 3 laps, and might be faster, but only when she is riding out of control. She couldn't hold her line at all. I finally had enough and passed her in the whoops and proceeded to be a complete asshole by blocking every line she liked to take. It was dirty, and I don't care. I might be slow, but I am a much more experienced rider, and proved it to her family today. I won.
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