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Default Z370 sleeper build

Well as the title says i am firing up the garage to build a Z370 sleeper. Why a Z370? Well i got it for free and all it needed was an engine and some ski's. So for tha past few months i've been shopping craigslist, eBay and a couple buddies garages looking for the right engine for my build. I thought long and hard about 4 strokes from a 2.2 ecotec to a vw engine. Even joked with a buddy about putting my sbc in it. Well a friend lead me to an ad on cr for a zr500 and i thought ok. upon talking to the seller i found out he had that engine as well as a zr600 efi in unknown condition and a locked up 440 snopro. $100 took the 600 but i walked out of there with the engine, complete chassis harness, computer, throttle body, and primary clutch for 200. Engine has compression and spins smooth so i thought what the hey. Got the hanes and engine partly installed, I am just waiting on a right rear engine mount. Once I go back and purchase the fuel tank assembly and pipe i will be able to hear her run. I then plan on stretching her out to a 144 with a 1.5 paddle track.I can't wait.

I am though in need of a few things, If any one has a track, suspension rail extension, info on tunnel ext(i work in a custom fab shop so a plan on building my own, just need dimentions), or ski's for sale i would be greatly appreciative. I'm sure there is more but i can't remember at this moment.
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